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The Power of Motion in Structure

While our physical being stands still, the breath still moves, the thoughts still rumble on.  There is a lot of motion with it all, inside and out.  If we stop, all around us does too.  We become stifled, heavy, lazy even. Getting one unstuck from the other is the objective so that all parts of us move in balance, in play with the other aspects of ourselves.

Structural Integration works with the whole entity.  Not just the physical.  Not just parts.  Through the body is how I get to the mind, the emotions.  As per Ida Rolf “this is what I can put my hands on.”  I think of physically moving, balancing, opening the tissue. 

My experience is that changing movement patterns and allowing movement, can help the mind change too. 

Opening the spirit once the negative energy is dispelled.  By opening the tissue, other parts of the psyche open up, able to experience more, pick up momentum.  Move forward.

People often come to me wanting a change.  They discover through a few sessions that their thoughts, lives can change.  This is partly why they continue.  To continue their healing journey.  It just goes to a deeper, more spiritual level.

In essence, you change one thing, you change everything.  There is a chain reaction.  Motion brings things into play, thoughts into action, new ideas, new patterns.  This is living.


Structure – building vs. body

The body is a living thing.

It gives, molds, flexes and extends.  It breathes, is fluid filled and has an infinite knowledge.

Buildings a little less so.

Buildings rely on their structure.  The stronger, more aligned, the earth it is on, the atmosphere around it (gravity), the building materials; it can set the building up for a century (or more) and keep it stable and balanced in its environment.


Our bodies are similar.  However, instead of just relying on the areas around it, we humans have chemical reactions in our bodies, changing mostly from the inside.  We count on gravity to help support us and use our form and its energy to exist and move within the gravitational field.  We are more capable of controlling our movements, keeping ourselves open and aligned in a fluid state.

Understanding how this is done and maintaining
it is where I can help…by working the fascial tissue.  It is that filler tissue in the body that  surrounds, supports and permeates all of  our structure, even our organs, ligaments, muscles, etc.  I manipulate this tissue so fluids move freely, so that elasticity happens, bringing about freedom of movement and a balanced structure.  A stronger one.

We all need assistance anyway.  Even buildings.  We are a work in process.  There is hope for better.  We do our part and learn our bodies.  This is a great gift.