Energy Work and ScarWork


What I wish to achieve in scar tissue is to soften it, to fill it, to have it integrate with the tissue around it.  As with Structural Integration, I keep in mind that the scar has many layers and like Structural Integration, there are restrictions on the upper layers.  If I attempt to go deep into the scar immediately, I will miss that opportunity.









I work the scar tissue in order to invite movement. Even with a burned area, there is still hope for movement.  Underneath that severely scarred tissue is healthy fascia waiting to be released.

My goal is always to provide the body with movement capabilities.  For every area that is compromised to be opened, blended in with the rest of the tissue.

Energy Work

 To me it is a continuation of Structural Integration.  In Structural Integration, I begin with the superficial layer and work down to each subsequent layer.  This brings the whole structure into a state of balance. 

I believe there is an energy layer  to work through in order to get to the physical one.  Ida Rolf had even spoken about this and referred to “the casual body”…and… that humans are electromagnetic bodies with an electric core and a magnetic sleeve, similar to the earth itself… When she was presented with symptoms of autonomic nervous system activity or emotional distress she would turn her attention to the energy field…in order to bring the energy field back to equilibrium…”(Emmett Hutchins, Structural Integration A Path of Personal Growth and Development).

I find Reiki answers that. Energy work such a ‘laying on of hands” has gone on for  centuries. When people see another experiencing pain, it is common to reach out to that person.  To comfort them.  Reiki is the life force which comes through the practitioner to the client. This Reiki energy brings the body back into equilibrium and the client free from old holding patterns. 


Advanced Rolf Practitioner / Structural Integration