Recovering Memories in body work

It is always amazing to me when I work on people, the memories they have of past events.  And they are not just emotional.

I have a client I had worked with a few sessions.  I asked her upon her return to let me know how she felt that week after her session.  She said that she felt great the next day but the following day, her mid back really bothered her.  Then she said that she remembered years ago falling down a stairs and onto that area of her back.

The point is that once a layer is removed, it can uncover old pains, injuries, emotional issues.  In this instance, it was an old injury.  Once the issue is revealed, it can be further worked with to remove imbalances, have the tissues that are constricted relax and move freely again.  Many areas from old injuries that still cause pain and discomfort are just holding patterns that have not been able to release.

Again, balance is the key and how to resolve the balance issue depends on each person and what the ‘key’ is to sort this out.