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Pain to Calm

Pain can strike at any time.

Wouldn’t it be great to have it go away?


To calmness, expansiveness, tranquility.


Let’s have calm instead.



Cody Smolik Structural Integration

Scar Work

Scars come in all shapes, sizes, thicknesses and collagen levels. Whether it is a burn, caesarean, or scars from surgery, I want to get the scar more integrated into the surrounding tissue. This makes for smoother, easier movement. Moving freely over the bones and muscles. Scars can be filled in, opened and softened. With scar work, it can be accomplished.


Having chronic pain is not for the faint of heart.  It is the monkey on your back, that black hole, the all consuming nightmare that is with you.  Giving it a name:  “Pain” or owning it: “My pain” only sets you back.  It then takes on a life of its own. These are constant themes that all people who have chronic pain have lived.lighteing clouds

Many times an injury is gone but the tissue cannot let go so pain can linger.   People spend years trying to find out what is causing their discomfort and all out pain.  Once they do, it is a matter of constant research because they soon realize that they need to.  Trial and error.  Figure out what works and when and keep moving.   Research. Get your tool box together.  Experiment. The answers will appear.  The body can heal.  It does require patience and knocking on doors.  And listening.  But it does and can get better.  I have lived it and I understand it.  Structural Integration can unravel the tissue to the source and peel off layers of stuck tissue.  The more we can unwind, stretch and open up different layers that lead to the core, we discover a person who is no longer stuck in their bodies, stuck in pain.  This is worth the work.


Structural Integration for Equestrians

Aligning the rider brings about:
Enhanced balance
Increased awareness of the rider’s body
Improved connection between rider’s carriage and the carriage and behavior of the horse
Valuable communication between horse and rider
Being able to move with the horse with ease.

Structural Integration was designed to give your body more flexibility, more control of your body, giving you an awareness of how you move and where it comes from. Once your body is balanced it is much easier to have your horse understand where you want him to go. Your movement coincides with your horses, making communication easier.

If you want to be old, be old

If you want to be old, be old.  Shrinking, bent over, dowager’s hump to name a few.  Our picture of the elderly is a body that is breaking down.  Things ‘fall apart’.  Adding years to your chronological age doesn’t mean you have to adhere to the general consensus of what ‘old’ is.

A multitude of conditions can be attributed to ‘old age’ but old age is a catch all phrase.  We want erect posture with flexible limbs and  joints, balance, stability.  These are things we can work toward.  

Structural Integration assists the body in becoming malleable, flexible, balanced.  The force of gravity doesn’t weigh the body down.  The structure works with the gravitational pull to keep the body erect and aligned.  This brings hope to the person and paves the way for

more change and a positive attitude.  You look and feel more relaxed.  You don’t have to work so hard to stand up.  Your body can be transformed with Structural Integration.  We can then welcom
e the prospect of becoming more advanced in years with the wisdom we gain, the agility we maintain and the joy of moving freely.