Fall Sports! Maintenance!

Whether your child participates in baseball, basketball, bowling, cross country, football, field hockey, fencing, soccer, swimming, tennis, volleyball, lacrosse and wrestling, you know they are going to be very active in it.  Practices are often and long. 

I have had kids come into my office who are injured BEFORE the season begins for them.  Or they have such long practices, with little down time to recuperate.


Many kids swear off sports because they find themselves in pain with no joy for the activity anymore.


There are obvious reasons:  poor stretching techniques, little or no warm ups, incorrect strength training, overwork, too little recuperation time between meets and long practices.

I believe the best way for your child to improve during their season and enjoy the sport is by correct body placement whether during stretching or strengthening and manual body work.  

Manual manipulation of the body, to soothe, align and balance is important. Structural body work aids in flexibility, pain management and building an awareness of the body.

Routine maintenance becomes important as the season evolves to keep the athlete in top form and injury free.

It seems like a lot to think about but so is learning different plays, formations and certain techniques associated with each sport.  Taking care of the athlete’s body is the number one priority in any sports activity.