Just being “old”

I was speaking with a personal trainer today who made the same comments I usually do.  And that is just because one gets older does not mean things have to be a certain way – having to be full of aches and pains; not being able to exercise as before; having an injury stop you from doing what you have done; just being “old”.

It’s not true…..there are so many ways to get yourself back into shape and in functioning much as before.  Of course the best course is to take care of yourself prior to getting out of shape or injured.   And beginning now is always better than later or not at all.

Get Tested

Please take steps and/or procedures especially if things like colon or breast cancer run in your family.   OR if you aren’t feeling quite right but are embarrassed to take yourself to the doctor or even the emergency room.  Even though your test turns out normal, at least there is the added benefit of not having to worry about it.

You owe yourself and your family – no matter how young – to keep ahead of any hereditary conditions that can affect you.