Structural Integration and Restaurant Staff

There are some real practical uses for Structural Integration (Formerly known as Rolfing®).

For those workers in restaurants, whether wait staff, cooks, chefs, bussers. Injuries can be anything from knee, shoulder, arms, backs, necks from falls, slips, heavy loads, incorrect body placement. It can all have an effect and can be very painful.

Whether athlete, office worker, restaurant staff or construction worker among many, one needs to get body work, fascia release, in order to move better, be more flexible and more resilient.

Fascia, the moving matrix

I would like to think of fascia as being everywhere.  Sort of like when you jump into the ocean, it is all around you.  This tissue, fascia, can become dry, ropey, inflexible and painful.  By working with it, the tissue becomes lubricated.  By aligning it and educating the client, balance occurs.  Once this happens, the muscles can begin working, fluids run freely through the body, muscles slide off one another and the bones span.  All of this in this soft matrix that is malleable, resilient and able to adjust easily.  We all want this and we want it to continue throughout our lives.

What a great medium to work with!