What else for health?

Rolfing, (Structural Integration) for health, wellness and fitness.  How?  It is in your best interest to have your body functioning optimally and that means keeping your body flexible and balanced.  I believe the more plastic the tissues are, the more movement, use, function you can get from it.  For wellness’ sake it is important to keep your body healthy and flexible to prevent you from becoming physically atrophied.  If the body is aligned and balanced then that exercise regime will be less difficult and more pleasurable, consequently keeping you interested in your workouts.

A new look at Fascia

I would like to think of fascia as being everywhere.  Sort of like when you jump into the ocean, it is all around you.  This tissue, fascia, can become dry, ropey, inflexible and painful.  By working with it, the tissue becomes lubricated.  By aligning it and educating the client, balance occurs.  Once this happens, the muscles can begin working, fluids run freely through the body, muscles slide off one another and the bones span.  All of this in this soft matrix that is malleable, resilient and able to adjust easily.

We all want this and we want it to continue throughout our lives.