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Are You Using Duct Tape to Relieve Pain?

duct-tapeFew things cause more stress than seeing your car’s “Check Engine” light come on. When it does, we head immediately to the mechanic.

Yet when our human “Check Engine” light goes on—”pain,” “discomfort” and so on—we simply grab a couple of pain relievers, the pharmaceutical equivalent of duct tape. We get temporary fascia 3symptomatic relief, but the real source of the pain is still there.

Don’t treat the symptom. Treat the source with Structural Integration.

Structural Integration (S.I.) is a proven method of relieving pain and discomfort by manually manipulating the fascia.

The what?

Fascia (FASH-e-uh) is a sturdy web of protective tissue that covers all the parts of our inner body. It helps the muscles, ligaments and tendons glide smoothly over the bones and cartilage. It “integrates” everything including the heart, brain and all our organs.

fascia 2When there are physical or emotional stressors to the body, the fascia will literally get “bent out of shape.” Blood and oxygen flow are restricted, resulting in pain and discomfort. This is not good.

fasciaBy kneading this tissue not only at the pain site, but at other connected areas that together have created that site, the fascia is stretched back to its normal, healthy, malleable state. Blood and oxygen once again flow freely. This is good.

Then something truly amazing happens…

Our human “Check Engine” light turns off. We feel healthier, stand taller, and look better.

posture changeSo put away the duct tape. Feel how good it feels to feel good. Call me for your S.I. appointment today!

Open House Greenville, SC – October 20, 2018

Thank you everyone for coming to the open house.  I hope you received information to show just how powerful and extensive this work is!  Please call me with any questions.

Trip to NY/CT on October 26-29, 2018

It was great seeing my clients and friends during my trip in October.  I look forward to seeing you and scheduling time with you in January 2019!  Everyone have a blessed and joyous Holiday!

 Rolf Presentation at Fairfield Library


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