Final Wellness Trends to Watch in 2017

Art & Creativity Take Center Stage: More art, music, literature and dance (as experienced and “to do”) will be at the center of more wellness experiences.  Yes, adult coloring books – but well beyond:  from classical concerts to painting classes at hotels, wellness retreats, spas and studios.

Wellness Remakes Beauty:  The massive $1 trillion beauty industry is undergoing seismic shifts to meet the needs of a wellness-oriented population, focused on a “beauty comes from within” – rather than the old superficial, topical – model.  The trend to watch in the new wellness-beauty conversation:  the rising science of “neuroaesthetics,” exploring the complex, positive connections between the human brain and beauty.

The Future is Mental Wellness:  Mental wellness will be the biggest future trend, period:  from wellness destinations bringing in neuroscientists and psychotherapists to meditation becoming seriously mainstream while evolving into new breeds, to apps that track your mental state.

Embracing the C-Word:  The wellness world is waking up to the needs of a surprisingly underserved population:  cancer patients – with new training initiatives and programming that finally provides comfort and positive recovery paths.

Beyond the Elite “Ghettos” of Wellness:  in a world where rising inequality and a sense of “unfairness” is leading to a global, populist backlash, a wellness industry that’s become narrowly associated with wealthy elites (the $300 yoga pants and treatments) must, and will change.