Space is the final frontier.  I agree with that but what kind of space?

In outer space?  Under the ocean?  More than one acre?  Core space?

There is nothing like seeing for miles, space, room…there is room for your thoughts to develop, to go.  Space for all the molecules to expand and breathe.   Room to be alone and enjoy it.

Imagine running through a field where you can yell, breathe fresh air and not see malls or crowds or multi buildings around you.

This is what I am talking about.  It creates a great sense of freedom and dimension that one cannot get in crowds and crowded areas.

The Yips

There is a great article in The New Yorker (May 26, 2014) that goes on and on as the articles in this magazine do. It is pretty extensive on the topic of ‘The Yips’. It is much like writer’s block and there are questions as to its origin. At any rate this affects the control of their shots.

Other names are “the jerks”, “whiskey fingers”, “the staggers”, “freezing” and “the waggles”.

Other sports are also affected, such as cricket bowlers, those who play darts, archery or baseball (going by different names).

For those suffering from this, the article is a great one.


In my mind, ultimate balance, that incredible lightness of being. One is so balanced that they feel light. No need to ‘hold’ anything or rigidly put the body into place.

By tensegrity I mean the whole three dimensional structure of the human form working in a constant state of tension and compression to afford an ease in balance even when moving. There is no need to force. Our bodies are equipped to work in this multidimensional balance.

golfers’ movement begins from the feet

This applies to all athletes.

The main reason that golfers have problems with their knees, shoulders, back, etc. is because they are not moving from their feet.   If one moves from the feet, first, then they are first, grounded and have more power in their swing.   The impact on the ball is achieved with the whole body, not just the shoulders or by straining the back.

When I have a client I find that working a painful area is beneficial but not the whole story.  After all, the pain is a symptom of so much more.  A better solution is to integrate all the areas of the body. This gives my client the ability to work their body as a whole.  Taken to their game, it allows for more efficiency, fluidity, accuracy and distance from each swing.  There is an ease and more control of the movement because of the grounding and balance that is achieved.  Now that body has the capacity of having the movement travel through the body and out.   Not piecemeal and in snippets of energy that work against the body.  More expenditure of energy comes through the body as a whole and out to the ball.

For those who wish to participate in the sport for an indefinite length of time, feet first.


Rolfing for whom?

Who can benefit from Rolfing/Structural Integration?  Athletes, dancers, burns survivors, students of yoga and meditation, musicians, singers, business people, people riddles with chronic pain. and stress; people from all walks of life and ages.  It is also now considered alternative treatments for those with MS, Cerebral Palsy and forms of Autism.


What else for health?

Rolfing, (Structural Integration) for health, wellness and fitness.  How?  It is in your best interest to have your body functioning optimally and that means keeping your body flexible and balanced.  I believe the more plastic the tissues are, the more movement, use, function you can get from it.  For wellness’ sake it is important to keep your body healthy and flexible to prevent you from becoming physically atrophied.  If the body is aligned and balanced then that exercise regime will be less difficult and more pleasurable, consequently keeping you interested in your workouts.

A new look at Fascia

I would like to think of fascia as being everywhere.  Sort of like when you jump into the ocean, it is all around you.  This tissue, fascia, can become dry, ropey, inflexible and painful.  By working with it, the tissue becomes lubricated.  By aligning it and educating the client, balance occurs.  Once this happens, the muscles can begin working, fluids run freely through the body, muscles slide off one another and the bones span.  All of this in this soft matrix that is malleable, resilient and able to adjust easily.

We all want this and we want it to continue throughout our lives.

Advanced Rolf Practitioner