How Fascia can help you

Some of the reasons fascia and the fascial system is important are:

1. It holds your organs in their proper positions
2. Maintains upright stance
3. provides for a gel-like matrix so muscles and organs can slide past each other

Just like making your bed

Here is a partial quote from Ida P. Rolf, developer of Structural Integration:

. . . it can be like making your bed in the morning. You think you’re going to get by without pulling that bed apart, so you pull up this cover and the next cover. When you get all the covers puffed up, you’ve got nine ridges running across the bed. Now you’ve got to go to a deeper layer and organize the deeper layer, and make your bed on top of that. Then you’ve got a made bed. Well it’s the same with the body: you’ve got to organize those deeper layers. . .


It’s time for spring cleaning, window washing, yard cleaning and gardening.  Watch that you don’t do too much too soon.

Spring is also a time to get in shape from the winter.   The first step is to just do it.  Body work, exercise, eating right.  So you can enjoy the spring and summer.

My work as a Structural Integrator has offered much happiness to me and much relief to my clients.  They are not only able to avoid injury but to get out of one, especially if chronic. . . in order to continuing what they love doing.

By Cody Smolik, Rolf Practitioner

New Year Challenge

I challenge you for 2016 to be the BEST you can be.



Dare yourself to reach your highest potential.  Idealistic?  Perhaps but why not?

Live in health,


I am grateful for my mind that works (Yeah!)

My body that can still move and function so that I can work and play

My emotions that bring color to my life

For my spirit that keeps reaching up… to better…


Recovering Memories in body work

It is always amazing to me when I work on people, the memories they have of past events.  And they are not just emotional.

I have a client I had worked with a few sessions.  I asked her upon her return to let me know how she felt that week after her session.  She said that she felt great the next day but the following day, her mid back really bothered her.  Then she said that she remembered years ago falling down a stairs and onto that area of her back.

The point is that once a layer is removed, it can uncover old pains, injuries, emotional issues.  In this instance, it was an old injury.  Once the issue is revealed, it can be further worked with to remove imbalances, have the tissues that are constricted relax and move freely again.  Many areas from old injuries that still cause pain and discomfort are just holding patterns that have not been able to release.

Again, balance is the key and how to resolve the balance issue depends on each person and what the ‘key’ is to sort this out.

Moving in Your Skin

Imagine wearing a medium weave body sweater and socks.  Imagine moving inside a sweater and how it slides over your body as you do so.  If however, there is a tear or a place that has been darned or if the sweater has been pulled out of shape, the sweater will not slide over the body as easily.  Nor will it hang the same or maintain its shape.  The sweater has been pulled or mended out of form.

The point of this is that we are basically wearing a sweater made up of connective tissue that moves over the bones and muscles and in which the muscles can work and the bones can align.

The purpose is to have the fascia (sweater) aligned again to attain that smooth movement capability, ease of movement and maintaining a beautiful shape.


Breathing and Re-booting

True deep breathing incorporates the chest, ribs, back, waist, belly and finally the sacrum.  The breath fills the whole cavity.  It’s not forced.  More ‘room’ can be provided internally through structural work.  Awareness is achieved.  These provide a more calming and relaxing breath that ‘reboots’ the system.

Golfers improve your game and stay flexible

So of course you know:

All the lessons in the world aren’t helpful if your body isn’t flexible, at ease, balanced or able to do what your instructor suggests.  If it is not able to move or move the way you wish then you are working against yourself.  Having correct posture, and easy swing, being able to adjust your movements while playing are critical.   Of course this is true for any sport.

This is where Structural Integration comes in and is very helpful while wildly improving your game.  Make this a critical part of your golf work out or regime in self care.

Structural Integration and Restaurant Staff

There are some real practical uses for Structural Integration (Formerly known as Rolfing®).

For those workers in restaurants, whether wait staff, cooks, chefs, bussers. Injuries can be anything from knee, shoulder, arms, backs, necks from falls, slips, heavy loads, incorrect body placement. It can all have an effect and can be very painful.

Whether athlete, office worker, restaurant staff or construction worker among many, one needs to get body work, fascia release, in order to move better, be more flexible and more resilient.